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MAR Construction Company offers the comprehensive pre-construction services and technical support staff for your project. Our extensive knowledge of estimating, value engineering, scheduling and local construction requirements and government approvals makes us a valuable choice for your building program.


The bid process is critically important to assure top quality and performance. MAR Construction uses only pre-qualified subcontractors with proven knowledge of the tasks required. Our computer database of pre-qualified suppliers and subcontractors allows us the luxury of matching skills required to skills available. We work with local and surrounding community businesses whenever possible, without compromising the integrity of the work required.



As one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of construction, Design Build is a preferred method because it allows for more owner participation and offers single source responsibility. Value engineering and better cost controls are accomplished through strong communication among all parties.
We assume all responsibility under one contract, including architectural planning, site preparation, engineering and construction. Wherever possible we offer suggestions designed to save money without compromising quality.


MAR has broad working relationships with a number of local subcontractors and suppliers, in addition to our specialized management capabilities. These skills are critically important in coordinating, leading, motivating and supporting the wide range of personnel required to successfully complete a multi-faceted construction project. Our goal - and promise - is to achieve results that you expect. All sub-contractors' schedules are written into their contracts to guarantee on-time completion and pricing.


Ultimately while we manage the construction activities, you retain control of the project and participate in critical decisions which are ongoing to any building or renovation project. A free-flow of information means no surprises and a constant understanding of every aspect of the work being done.
MAR is committed to the standards of excellence and productivity, financial integrity and project expertise.  


Our team has the expertise to guide you through the maze of environmental regulations, and the barrage of suppliers professing to be green. More and more, the goal of many who are embarking on a construction project is to build in a sustainable manner, to save money for the life of the building. It's part of our job to sift through the fact and fiction to suggest construction that will offer real savings and honest environmental integrity.


Safety first: A safe job site is a productive job site. Our "Safety First" program and safety requirements for our subcontractors are among our highest priorities to ensure jobsite safety.  



Our full-time site managers will supervise all activities and will monitor quality control. The team assigned will be professionals with the most experience and proficiency in what's needed. Construction job requirements are unique to the job. Our job is to match your needs with our most experienced personnel.  



Daily involvement with the construction industry provides in-depth knowledge of products used and costs associated with various products and methods. Frequently, we are able to recommend products which will save time and money without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.